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Pre-Columbian Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2010

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Burdick, Catherine, “Text and Image in Classical Maya Sculpture: AD 600–900” (UIC, V. Miller)

Desai, Prajna, “Read, See, Do: Palenque’s Palace, Mexico (654–720) and the Materiality of Knowledge” (Yale, M. Miller)

Jones, Kimberly, “Cupisnique Culture: The Development of Ideology in the Ancient Andes” (UT Austin, S. Bourget)

Park, Yumi, “The Engraved Head Motif on Cupinisque Style Vessels: Innovation and Appropriation in Early Andean Art” (Virginia Commonwealth, J. Farmer)

Richter, Kim, “Identity Politics: Huastec Sculpture and the Postclassic International Style and Symbol Set” (UCLA, C. Klein)

Scher, Sarah, “Clothing Power: Hierarchies of Gender Difference and Ambiguity in Moche Ceramic Representations of Human Dress, CE 1–850” (Emory, R. Stone)

Waldron, Lawrence, “Like Turtles, Islands Float Away: Emergent Distinctions in the Zoomorphic Iconography of Saladoid Ceramics of the Lesser Antilles, 250 BCE to 650 CE” (CUNY, E. Quiñones Keber)

Werness, Maline, “Chocholá Ceramics and the Polities of Northwestern Yucatan” (UT Austin, D. Stuart)

Wiersema, Juliet, “The Architectural Vessels of the Moche of Peru: Architecture for the Afterlife” (Maryland, College Park, J. Pillsbury)