Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2010

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Abbaspour, Mitra, “Defining the Present, Archiving the Past: Three Histories of Middle Eastern Photography” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Anderson, Ash, “Moving Pictures: Motion and Time in Photography at the Institute of Design” (Yale, D. Joselit)

Aube, Christina, “Michel de Marolles and the Rise of Printmaking in the Grand Siècle” (Delaware, D. Stone)

Baines, Lorena, “Nicolaes de Bruyn and the Art of the Professional Engraver” (Delaware, P. Chapman)

Beil, Kim, “Illustrating Contingency: Photographic Reproductions of Art and Film” (UC Irvine, L. Hilderbrand)

Bock, Amanda, “Staging the Social Document in the Progressive Era: Jacob Riis, Frances Johnston, Lewis Hine” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Bowyer, Emerson, “Medals, Monuments, Money: David d’Angers and the Modernization of Sculpture” (Columbia, J. Crary, A. Higonnet)

Brisman, Shira, “Briefkultur: Art and the Epistolary Mode of Address in the Age of Albrecht Dürer” (Yale, C. Wood)

Casey, John, “Picturing Architectural Theory: The Architectural Photobook in Germany, 1910–1945” (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Cavallero, Janet, “Photography and the Creation and Control of the Masses in 1930s Fascist Italy” (Columbia, B. Buchloh)

Cronin, Elizabeth, “Passive Fascism? The Politics of Austrian Heimat Photography” (CUNY, G. Batchen, R. Long)

Doğan, Cağatay, “Landscapes of the Nation in Transition: Istanbul in the Photographs of Othmar Pferschy, 1934–1960” (SUNY Binghamton, T. McDonough)

Galustian, Abelina, “Orienting the Politics of Images: The Armenian Role in Middle Eastern Photography, 1850–1960” (UC Santa Barbara, R. Williams)

Gand, Elizabeth. “The Poetics and Politics of Children’s Play: Helen Levitt’s Early Photographs” (UC Berkeley, A. Wagner)

Glatstein, Jeremy, “The Watching Night: Print, Power, and Jewish Vision in Early Modern Italy” (USC, S. Roberts)

Goldman, Victoria Sears, “‛The Most Beautiful Punchinelli in the World’: A Comprehensive Study of the Punchinello Drawings of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo” (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Goodrum, Sarah, “East German Photography: Artwork and Political Tool” (USC, K. Lang)

Greist, Alexandra, “Learning to Draw, Drawing to Learn: Italian Printed Drawing Books, 1600–1760” (Pennsylvania, M. Cole)

Grove, S. Jaleen, “A Cultural Trade: Canadian Commercial Illustration at Home and in the United States” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Harris, Mazie M., “The Portraits and Patents of Photography Studios on Broadway, 1853–1884” (Brown, D. Nickel)

Hickman, Caroline Mesrobian, “Clare Leighton’s Wood Engravings of English Country Life in an Age between Wars” (UNC Chapel Hill, A. Marks)

Hult-Lewis, Christine, “Developing an Industrial Aesthetic: The Mining Photographs of Carleton E. Watkins, 1858–1891″ (Boston, K. Sichel)

Jones, Penny, “Figural Trees: Artistic Response to Forest Loss in Nineteenth-Century America” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson)

Kai, Yoshiaki, “Street Snap: Photography in Japan, 1950–1990” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Kauffman, Jordan, “Drawing on Architecture: The Socioaesthetics of Architectural Drawing, 1964–1990” (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Kim, Jeehey, “Death and Photography in East Asia: A Vernacular Use of Photo-Portraiture” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Kim, Jennie, “Tradition, Theory, and Practice: Drawings in the Italian Renaissance Workshop, from Pietro Perugino to the Pupils of Raphael” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

Lee, Jung Joon, “Framing the Nation: Nation-Building, Resistance, and Democratization in Korean Photography, 1945–2008” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Lee, Patricia, “Browning the White Body: Race, Color, and Perception in Modern American Visual Culture” (UC Santa Barbara, B. Robertson)

Letwin, Hilary Hunt, “The Power of Print: The Scultori Engraving Workshop in Sixteenth-Century Mantua” (Johns Hopkins, S. Campbell)

Lewis, Jacob, “From Repetition to Reproduction: Charles Nègre (1820–1880) in Pursuit of the Photographic” (Northwestern, S. H. Clayson)

Lord, Russell, “Hybridity and Reproduction in Early Photography” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Merola, Rose, “Multiple Exposures: The Photography of Austin Hansen in Harlem” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Oh, Hye-ri, “Photography and Criticism in Korea: Modernity, National Identity, and the Conception of Photography from the Late Chosun Dynastic Period through Japanese Colonialism to Independence” (SUNY Binghamton, J. Tagg)

Romanenko, Katerina, “The Visual Language of the Soviet Popular Illustrated Magazines in the 1930s” (CUNY, R. Long)

Roscio, Jessica, “Photographic Domesticity: The Professionalization of Women Photographers from Home Studio to the Metropolis, 1880–1930” (Boston, K. Sichel)

Sawyer, Andrew, “Architectural Surveys and ‘Documentary Style’” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson)

Scott, Kate, “The Photography of Absence: The Reappearance of Death as Subject Matter in Postmodern American Photography” (Rutgers, A. Zervigón)

Scruggs, Andrew, “Photo Riot! American Photographic Practices, 1962–1975” (Rutgers, A. Zervigón)

Shannon, Heather A., “Just an Amateur: Adam Clark Vroman, Photography, and the American West, 1895–1904” (Rutgers, T. Sheehan)

Steinhilper, Diantha, “Geographies of a World In-Between: Colonial Maps of Mesoamerica That Define Identity, Image Empire, and Negotiate Self” (Florida State, M. Carrasco)

Suchma, Sharon, “Binding Lives: American Photo-Books and the Great Depression” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Sullivan, Erin, “Making and Marketing the Print Portfolio in Interwar Germany: Max Beckmann, George Grosz, and Otto Dix” (USC, K. Lang)

Tallone, Ana, “A Light in the Darkness: Argentinean Photography, 1973–1986” (CUNY, G. Batchen, K. Manthorne)

Terry, Colleen, “Presence of Print: William Hogarth in British North America” (Delaware, B. Herman)

Teshima, Yuko, “Provoke: A Critical Analysis of a Japanese Photography Magazine” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Van Pee, Yasmine, “Phantom Africa: Constructing the Colonial Imaginar in Congo and Belgium, 1885–1975” (UC Berkeley, D. Grimaldo Grigsby)

Volpe, Lisa, “On Display: Photography and American Ideology at the World’s Fairs” (UC Santa Barbara, B. Robertson)

Walker, Harriet, “Transformations in West African Visual Culture through the Lens of Photography” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Watson, April, “On the Street and in the Suburbs: New Spatial Paradigms in American Photography, ca. 1963–1976” (Kansas, J. Pultz)

Weiss, Francine, “Visual Verses: Edward Weston’s Photographs for Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, 1941–1942” (Boston, P. Hills)

Weiss, Sean, “Photographs for the Modern City: An Enterprise in the Urban Transformation of Second Empire and Early Third Republic Paris” (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Woltmann, Kim, “Photographing Place: Catherine Opie’s Los Angeles Landscape Series, 1994–1998” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Yi, Hyewon, “Photographer as Participant Observer: The Photographs of Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Richard Billingham, and Nobuyoshi Araki” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Zinsli, Beth Ann, “Writing with Salt Water and Sunlight: Circulation and Contemporary Spanish Caribbean Photography” (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Casid)