Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Critical Theory/Gender Studies/Visual Studies
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2010

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Anable, Aubrey, “Digital Decay: The Urban Interface in New Visual Culture, 1968–2008” (Rochester, S. Willis)

Balaschak, Chris, “Unstable Ground: Photography Books and the Modern Landscape, 1938–1975” (UC Irvine, S. Stein)

Belden-Adams, Kris, “Modern Time: Photography and Temporality” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Biederman, Legier, “The Aesthetics of Globalization and the Politics of Difference: From Identity Exhibitions to Transnational Artworlds?” (UCLA, D. Preziosi)

Burdick, Catherine, “Text and Image in Classical Maya Sculpture: AD 600–900” (UIC, V. Miller)

Chon, Doris, “Narrating Shadows: W. G. Sebald’s Photographic Historiography” (UCLA, M. Kwon, G. Baker)

Cupers, Kenny, “Concerning the User: The Experiment of Modern Urbanism in Postwar France, 1955–1975” (Harvard, Graduate School of Design, A. Picon)

Davies, Lyell, “Expose, Impel, and Sustain Change: The Committed Documentary in Political Life” (Rochester, S. Willis)

Ekardt, Philipp, “Eher eine Rüsche am Kleid: Time and Images in Benjamin, Warburg, Kluge” (Yale, C. Jacobs, D. Joselit)

Friday, Julia, “Photographic Representation and Recall: State Management of Public Recollection and Practices of Counter-Memory in Eastern Europe and Russia, 1930–2000” (Binghamton, J. Tagg)

Gilbertson, Leanne, “Bodies Out of Time in Place: Queerly Present in Andy Warhol’s Factory and Beyond” (Rochester, D. Crimp)

Hand, Joni, “Female Book Owners in the Valois Courts, 1350–1550: Devotional Manuscripts as Vehicles for Self-Definition” (CUNY, B. Lane)

Hristova, Stefka, “Visuality, Politics, and Histories in the Remaking of Iraq” (UC Irvine, F. Lim)

Imeh, Imo, “Daughters of Seclusion: The Ibibio Aesthetic in the Staging of a Female Icon” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Kalbfleisch, Elizabeth, “Bordering on Feminism: Home and Transitional Sites in Recent Visual Culture and Native Women’s Art” (Rochester, J. Berlo)

Kanno, Yuka, “Queer Female Networks in Japan’s Visual Culture” (UC Irvine, C. Whiting)

Khosrowjah, Hossein, “Unthinking the National Imaginary: The Singular Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami” (Rochester, S. Willis)

Kilinç, Kivanç, “Constructing Women for the Republic: The Spatial Politics of Gender in 1930s Ankara” (Binghamton, T. McDonough)

Miller, Jennifer Munro, “In the Flesh: The Representation of Burlesque Theatre in American Art and Visual Culture” (USC, R. Meyer)

Morris, Anthony, “The Censored Paintings of Paul Cadmus: Contesting the Boundary between Decent and Vulgar, 1934–1940” (Case Western Reserve, H. Adams)

Napoli-Abella, Cynthia, “Motherhood, Mourning, Testimonio, and the Representation of Silenced Histories” (UC Irvine, P. Krapp)

Nettleton, Taro, “Throw Out the Books, Get Out in the Streets: Subjectivity and Space in Japanese Underground Art of the 1960s” (Rochester, D. Crimp)

Nolan, Linda, “Touching the Divine: Mobility, Devotion, and the Display of Religious Objects in Early Modern Rome” (USC, T. Olson)

Razo-Wardwell, Mariana, “Zones of Disturbance: Specters of Indigenous Mexico in Modernity” (UC Irvine, F. Rony)

Schulman, Vanessa, “Managing Vision, Envisioning Management: Representations of Labor and Technological Systems in Gilded Age America” (UC Irvine, C. Whiting)

Seiber, Tim, “Thresholds: Managing Life and Death through the Public Circulation of Scientific Images” (UC Irvine, J. Bryan-Wilson)

Skelly, Julia, “The Desire to Fill: Addiction and British Visual Culture, 1751–1919” (Queen’s, Kingston, J. Helland)

Snider, Stefanie, “Envisioning Bodily Difference: Refiguring Fat and Lesbian Subjects in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, 1968–2009” (USC, R. Meyer)

Sorkin, Jennifer, “Live Form: Gender and the Performance of Craft, 1940–1970” (Yale, D. Joselit, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Stubblefield, Thomas, “Through a Lens Darkly: Absence, Erasure and Invisibility in the Visual Culture of 9/11” (UC Irvine, P. Krapp)

Summers, Robert, “An Aesthetics of Experience: The Art and/as Life of Vaginal Davis” (UCLA, D. Preziosi)

Tiessen, Matthew, “Creativity, Painting, Affect, Ethics: Outlining a Modest (Aesthetic) Ontology” (University of Alberta, A. Whitelaw, R. Shields)

Tradowsky, Christopher, “After Sherrie Levine: Appropriation and the Semiotics of Seriality” (UCLA, M. Kwon)

Trent, Mary, “Enigmatic Bachelors: Masculinity, Girlhood, and Vision in the Art of Joseph Cornell and Henry Darger” (UC Irvine, C. Whiting)

Whittington, Karl, “The Body-Worlds of Opicinus de Canistris, Artist and Visionary (1296–ca. 1354)” (UC Berkeley, W. Davis)

Woods, Nicole, “Performing Chance: Alison Knowles, Fluxus, and the Enigmatic Work of Art, 1962–75” (UC Irvine, C. Whiting)