Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Contemporary Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2010

Show completed dissertations

Albu, Cristina, “Mirror Affect: Collective Spectatorship in Contemporary Installation Art” (Pittsburgh, T. Smith)

Andrus, Timothy, “Stuart Davis’s Art Theory, 1920–1928” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Aronowicz, Miriam, “The International Artists’ Workshop: Contemporary Art and Transnational Production” (Toronto, E. Harney)

Bailey, Robert, “Art and Language and the Art World: New York, Australia, Yugoslavia, 1972–1976” (Pittsburgh, T. Smith)

Becker, Natasha, “Local vs. Global: The Johannesburg Bienniales and the Production of Contemporary Art in a Post-Apartheid South Africa” (SUNY Binghamton, A. D’Souza)

Berrill, Margot, “Kitchen Humour: Feminist Video Art and Pop Culture” (UIC, H. Higgins)

Boivin, Julie, “A Redefinition of the Role of Ornament in French Rococo Art and Contemporary Visual Culture: From the Horrifyingly Beautiful to the Beauty of Horror” (Toronto, M. Cheetham)

Boone, Jobyl. “Christo and Jean-Claude in the Unites States, 1964–2005” (Delaware, A. Gibson)

Bourland, W. Ian, “Different Objects: Repositioning African Diaspora Art” (Chicago, D. English)

Brandt, Amy, “Complicity and Critique: ‘Neo-Geo’ Art of the 1980s” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Buhler, Clinton, “Life between Two Panels: Soviet Nonconformist Artists as Emigrants” (Ohio State, M. M. Mudrak)

Buigues, Ana, “Igor Stromajer: e-motional net.scapes” (Toronto, E. Legge)

Campbell, Kathryn, “Imaging Russia during the Cold War: Photographs in Life Magazine, 1945–1962” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Carroll, Leanne, “Moments in Artists’ Writings since the 1960s” (Toronto, M. Cheetham)

Chisholm, Anna, “Fred Wilson’s ‘Un-Natural’ Histories: Race, Trauma, and the Visual Production of Knowledge” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Clemans, Gayle L., “PARENTAL POINTS OF VIEW: Photographic and Filmic Acts in Contemporary Art” (University of Washington, P. Failing)

Cohen, Brianne, “Mass Mediation: Imagining Collectivities in European Contemporary Art” (Pittsburgh, T. Smith)

Cozzi, Leslie, “‘Siamofemministe’: Art and Feminism in Contemporary Italy” (Virginia, H. Singerman)

Crain, Sarah, “The Aesthetics of Absence: Thomas Demand, Mariele Neudecker, and Gregor Schneider” (Georgia, I.Wallace)

Culler, Jeremy, “From Television Signal to Magnetic Strip: An Archaeology of Experimental Television and Video Knowledge, 1962–2006” (SUNY Binghamton, J. Tagg)

Debin, Megan Lorraine, “Body Traces: Violence and Absence in Contemporary Mexican Performance Art” (UCLA, C. Villaseñor-Black)

Dees, Janet, “The Evidence of Things Not Seen: Performance Art as Art History” (Delaware, A. Gibson)

DeLand, Lauren, “Invisible Men: The Risks and Pleasures of Self-Portrayal in the Work of Contemporary American Male Artists” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Devine, Erin, “From Translation to Transgression: The Feminism(s) of Shirin Neshat” (Indiana, M Facos)

Dierkes, Anne-Louise, “Assemblage as Opposition: California’s Counterculture and the Struggle for U.S. Cultural Definition” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Ditner, Judy, “War at a Distance: Conceptual Realism in Contemporary Art” (Boston, K. Sichel)

Dubreuil, Martine, “Évolution du statut de la collection historique du Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal” (Université de Montréal, É. Dubuc)

Durham, Dennis, “Vancouver Conceptual Art from N.E.THING CO. to Jeff Wall: The Transformation of Art Practice through Pedagogy” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Eckhardt, Sarah Louise, “A Constant Reevaluator: Hedda Sterne and the Abstract Expressionist Context” (UIUC, J. Fineberg)

Evans, Emily Joyce, “The First Russian Art Exhibition, Berlin 1922: Display and Reception of the New Russia” (UIUC, J. Mendelson)

Ewing, Margaret, “Instituting Critique, Activating the Public Sphere: Hans Haacke and the Formation of a New German National Identity, 1990–2000” (UIUC, J. Fineberg)

Ferber, Andrea, “Transhistoricity and Aestheticized Violence: Nancy Spero’s Works on Paper” (UIUC, S. Hudson)

Fiala, Julie, “An Ethics of Listening in Community Arts” (Queen’s, Kingston, C. Robertson)

Ford, Jacqueline Anne, “How to Do Things with (English) Words: The Arts Race; Conceptual Art in Britain vs. American Hegemony, 1965–1979” (Toronto, E. Legge)

Galliera, Izabel, “Collaborative Strategies of Engagement in Community-Oriented Art by Artists from Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: Activating Forms of Democratic Citizenship” (Pittsburgh, T. Smith)

Gasparavicius, Gediminas, “Art in the Image of the State: Neue Slowenische Kunst, the Irwin Group, and the Politics of Art in Slovenia, 1980–2005” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

Geppert, Melissa, “Favela Effects: Contemporary Brazilian Art at the Intersections of Community Development and Global Markets” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Gluibizzi, Amanda”‘The Entire Visual World’: Art, Design, and 1960s New York” (Ohio State, A. Vinegar)

Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Maria del Mar, “Proofing the Nation: Contested Displays of Identity at the San Juan Print Biennial, 1970–2009” (UIUC, O. Vazquez)

Handley, John “Bodying-Forth Ultimate Concern: Human Existence, Transcendence, and Religious Dimensions in the Art of Stephen De Staebler” (Graduate Theological Union, M. Morris)

Harren, Natilee, “Objects without Object: The Artwork in Flux, 1958–1969” (UCLA, G. Baker)

Hollenberg, Sarah, “Art On Television, 1967–1974” (USC, R. Meyer)

Hosein, Lise, “From Invisibility to Transformation: The Animal Body in Contemporary Art” (Toronto, M. Cheetham)

Jardim de Santa Cruz Oliveira, Teresa Cristina, “Global Conceptualism and Cildo Meireles’ Cultural Critique” (UIUC, S. Hudson)

Jeanjean, Stéphanie, “Spectatorship and the Screen as Interface: French Art Using Television and the Projected Image from the Late 1960s to the Present Day” (CUNY, C. Bishop)

Kalinsky, Yelena, “Collective Actions: Moscow Conceptualism, Performance, and the Archive, 1976–1995” (Rutgers, J. Sharp)

Kart, Susan, “Moustapha Dimé and the Strategy of Récupération in Postcolonial Senegalese Sculpture” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson, B. Lawal)

Kerrigan, Katie, “‘All Art Is Eventually Political’: Artistic and Curatorial Interventions in American Art, 1970–1977” (USC, R. Meyer)

Kovach, Jodi, “New Baroque Tendencies in Contemporary Latin American Art” (Washington University, A. Miller)

Kuntz, Katrina L., “The Art of Failure” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

Kuo, Michelle, “To Avoid The Waste of A Cultural Revolution: Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), 1966–1979” (Harvard, Y-A. Bois, B. Buchloh)

Kutis, Barbara, “Artist Parents: Nature, Nurture, and Identity in Contemporary Art” (Delaware, A. Gibson)

Leduc, Marie, “Transition and Transformation: Contemporary Chinese Art in the Global Marketplace” (University of Alberta, S. Harris, S. Dorow)

Lee, Phil, “The Hybrid Space of Photography in Contemporary Art” (Chicago, J. Snyder)

Lin, Jenny, “Above Sea: Shanghai Imagined through Modern and Contemporary Art” (UCLA, M. Kwon)

Lockard, Brittany, “Size Matters: Imagery of the Fat Body in the Works of Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, Leonard Nimoy, and Laura Aguilar” (Kansas, D. Cateforis)

Louria-Hayon, Adi, “Folding Spaces and Porous Bodies: Sound and Space in Bruce Nauman” (Toronto, M. Cheetham)

Matuszak, Joanna, “Performance Art in Russia, 1990–2000” (Indiana, J. Kennedy)

Mecugni, Anna, “A Voyage of Identities: Luigi Ontani and the Postmodern Question in 1970s Italy” (CUNY, R. Golan)

Morrill, Eric, “Allan Kaprow and François Morellet: Experimental Art in the 1960s” (UC Irvine, J. Herbert)

Moshayedi, Aram, “Temporary Occupancies: Artistic Space and Ephemeral Practice in Los Angeles, 1965–1974” (USC, R. Meyer)

Myers, Cerise, “The Visible Posthuman: Envisioning Agency for the Cybernetic Self in Digital Culture” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Newman, Emily, “Weighing the Body: Female Body Image in Contemporary Art” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Oen, Karin, “Admonition and the Academy: Video, Installation, and Performance Art in Reform Era China, 1978–2008” (MIT, C. Jones)

Palczynski, Matthew, “Rothko and Architecture” (Temple, G. Silk)

Parke, Elizabeth, “Mapping the Urban: Art and Visual Culture in Beijing (1900–2008)” (Toronto, J. Purtle)

Peterson, Nathan J., “Re-Imaging China: Ai Weiwei and Contemporary Chinese Art” (Iowa, C. Adcock)

Rice, Kolya. “The Cagean Crux: Trajectories of the Neo-Avant-Garde” (University of Washington, P. Failing)

Richter, Till, “Contemporary Art: Art Historical and Market Criteria” (UT Austin, R. Shiff)

Rosenbaum, Sarah, “In The Public Domain: Public Art, Advanced Capitalism, and the Contemporary City” (Harvard, Y-A. Bois)

Rosenblum, Beth, “From ‘Special Period’ Aesthetics to Global Relevance in Cuban Art: Tania Bruguera, Carlos Garaicoa, and Los Carpinteros” (UCLA, D. Kunzle)

Rounthwaite, Adair, “Teaching Art: Group Material and Martha Rosler at Dia, 1988–89” (Minnesota, J. Blocker, J. Marshall)

Salas, Alexis, “Performing the Making: Uses of Public Spheres of Collaboration by Artists in Mexico City, 1987–2003” (UT Austin, A. Giunta)

Sande-Friedman, Amy, “Primary Structures: The Work of Kenneth Snelson, 1948–2008” (Bard Graduate Center, C. Whalen)

Shea, Tusa, “Autonomy as a Temporary Collective Experience: Anna Halprin’s Dance-Events, Deweyan Aesthetics, and the Emergence of Relational Art in the Sixties” (University of Victoria, A. Antliff)

Sheren, Ila, “Portable Borders/Mythical Sites: Performance Art and Politics at the U.S. Frontera, 1968–Present” (MIT, C. Jones)

Shin, Chunghoon, “Art as Spatial Critique: South Korean Visual Arts since the Late 1960s” (SUNY Binghamton, T. McDonough)

Siddall, Jessica, “Fred Kabotie and the Genesis of the Santa Fe School” (Virginia Commonwealth, R. Hobbs)

Smythe, Luke, “Lightness and Loss: Abstraction in the Art of Gerhard Richter” (Yale, C. Mehring, D. Joselit)

Snoddy, Danielle M., “Charting the Emergence of Identity Narratives in Post-Apartheid South African Art: Protectionist Sensibilities, Internationalization, and the Johannesburg Biennales” (Iowa, C. Roy)

Solomon, Virginia, “Modeling Queer Methods: General Idea’s Art and Politics, 1969–1994” (USC, R. Meyer)

Stanek, Damon, “Seeing the Light: A History of the Projected Image in the Gallery, (1963–Present)” (CUNY, C. Bishop)

Taylor, Larry, “Art Verging on the Religious: Threads of the Spirit in Minimalism and Beyond (Graduate Theological Union, M. Morris)

Voss, Annemarie, “Incremental Remedies: Contemporary Women Artists and Ecology, 1980–2000” (Rutgers, J. Marter)

Warbelow, Anna, “Camping the Canon: Artifice and Identity in Yasumasa Morimura’s Photographic Self Portraiture” (Washington University, A. Miller)

Wasserman, Andrew, “Contemporary Manhattan Cartographies: Ephemeral Public Art Projects in New York in the 1990s and 2000s” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Watson, Mark, “Apparitions: Memory and Globalization in Contemporary Native American Art” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson)

Weichbrodt, Elissa, “Empathic Bodies: Corporeality and Subjectivity in Contemporary American Art” (Washington University, A. Miller)

Weil, Harry Jacob, “The Ghost of Performance Art Past: Re-Performance in 20th-Century and Contemporary Art” (Stony Brook University, Z. Patterson)

Werther-Rosenow, Barbara, “Communicative Strategies in Contemporary Video Art” (Rutgers, T. Flores)

White, Marisa, “A Feminist Inheritance? Questions of Ambivalence and Subjectivity in Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelly, and Robert Gober” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Wofford, Tobias, “Constructing Africa: The Visualization of Homeland and Diaspora in African American Art during the 1960s and 1970s” (UCLA, S. Nelson)

Woltmann, Kim, “Photographing Place: Catherine Opie’s Los Angeles Landscape Series, 1994–1998” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Wu, Cassie, “Perfect Objects: The Lives of Allan McCollum’s Works” (UCLA, G. Baker)

Yamamura, Midori, “Yayoi Kusama: Biography and Cultural Confrontation, 1945–1969” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Yi, Hyewon, “Photographer as Participant Observer: The Photographs of Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Richard Billingham, and Nobuyoshi Araki” (CUNY, G. Batchen)