Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Art of the United States
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2010

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Anderson, Virginia, “‛A State of Anxious Uncertainty’: The Critical Reception of Jasper Johns” (Boston, C. Jones, G. Williams)

Burgess, Lana A., “Advancing American Art: Survival of an Idea” (Florida State, K. Bearor)

Campbell, Mary, “Sacred Lands and Profane Women: Charles Ellis Johnson and the Experience of Mormon Photography” (Stanford, B. Wolf)

Costello, Eileen, “Beyond the Easel: The Dissolution of Abstract Expressionist Painting into the Realm of Architecture” (UT Austin, R. Shiff)

Cushing, Hope, “The Life and Work of Arthur Ashel Shurcliff, Landscape Architect, 1870–1957” (Boston, K. Morgan)

Cutshaw, Stacey, “Intimate Images: The Public and the Private in Twentieth-Century American Photography” (Boston, C. Jones, K. Sichel)

Deusner, Melody Barnett, “A Network of Associations: Aesthetic Painting and Its Patrons, 1870–1914” (Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, M. Leja)

Folland, Thomas F., “Robert Rauschenberg’s Queer Modernism: Decoration, Theatricality, and Camp in the Combines, 1954–59” (UCLA, G. Baker)

Fredericks, Keri, “‛Black Saturday’: Eudora Welty’s Unpublished Photographic Essay of Depression-Era Mississippi” (Florida State, R. Neuman)

George, Angela, “The Old New World: Unearthing Mesoamerican Antiquity in the Art and Culture of the United States, 1839–1893” (Maryland, College Park, S. Promey)

Goldstein, Holly Markovitz, “American Landscapes as Revisionist History: The Frontier Photographs of Mark Klett, John Pfahl, Deborah Bright, and Robert Adams” (Boston, K. Sichel)

Hellstein, Valerie, “Grounding the Social Aesthetics of Abstract Expressionism: A New Intellectual History of the Club” (SUNY Stony Brook, M. Bogart, J. Katz)

Huerta, Monica, “Dissecting Figural Sculpture, 1960–2007” (Michigan, R. Zurier)

Kelly, Sarah E., “Camera’s Lens and Mind’s Eye: James McNeill Whistler and the Science of Art” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Linssen, Dalia Habib, “‘Imprints of Their Being’: The Photographs of Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel” (Boston, K. Sichel)

Loechle, Annie, “Ye Intruders Beware: Fantastical Pirates in the Golden Age of Illustration” (Indiana, S. Burns)

Madsen, Annelise, “Model Citizens: Mural Painting, Pageantry, and the Art of Civic Life in Progressive America” (Stanford, W. Corn)

Middleman, Rachel, “Filthy Pictures or a New Eros? Erotic Art by Women Artists in New York, 1963–1973” (USC, R. Meyer)

Miller, Jennifer Munro, “In the Flesh: The Representation of Burlesque Theatre in American Art and Visual Culture” (USC, R. Meyer)

Morris, Anthony, “The Censored Paintings of Paul Cadmus: Contesting the Boundary between Decent and Vulgar, 1934–1940” (Case Western Reserve, H. Adams)

Naeem, Asma, “‘The Imagery of the Ear’: Listening, Sound, and Sound Technologies in American Art, 1850–1950” (Maryland, College Park, S. Promey)

Neely, Evan, “Cy Twombly and the Ethics of Painting” (Columbia, D. Freedberg, D. Rosand, B. Joseph)

Neil, Jonathan, “Carl Andre, Richard Serra, the Problem of Materials, and the Picture of Matter” (Columbia, B. Buchloh, R. Krauss)

Noel, Samantha, “Carnival is Woman: Gender, Performance, and Visual Culture in Contemporary Trinidad Carnival” (Duke, R. Powell)

Ortiz, Amy, “Something to Keep My Hands Occupied: Reviewing Tramp Art in Context, 1860–1940” (Wisconsin, Madison, A. Martin)

Orwig, Timothy, “Joseph Everett Chandler, Colonial Revival Architecture, and the Origins of Historic Preservation in New England” (Boston, K. Morgan)

Palm, Nancy, “Thomas Cole’s Indiana Subjects, Racial Politics, and the National Landscape” (Indiana, S. Burns)

Pepper, Ian, “On the Difference between Serialism and Seriality” (Columbia, R. Krauss)

Powers, Sarah, “Images of Tension: City and Country in the Work of Charles Sheeler, Edward Hopper and Thomas Hart Benton” (Delaware, A. Gibson, M. Leja)

Price, Marshall, “John Ferren and the Development of Abstraction” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Raab, Jennifer, “Frederic Church and the Culture of Detail” (Yale, A. Nemerov)

Rees, Nathan, “Esoteric Primitivism: The Transcendental Painting Group and Native American Cultures” (Maryland, College Park, S. Promey)

Renn, Melissa, “Life in the Art World, 1936–1972” (Boston, P. Hills)

Roach, Leigh Anne, “A Positive, Popular Art: Sources, Structure, and Impact of Gyorgy Kepes’s Language of Vision” (Florida State, K. Bearor)

Roberts, Ellen, “Japanese Art and the American Aesthetic Interior, 1870–1900” (Boston, K. Morgan)

Robertson, Letha Clair, “The Art of Thomas Hicks and Celebrity Culture in Mid-Nineteenth-Century New York” (Kansas, C. Eldredge)

Samet, Jennifer, “Painterly Representation in New York: 1945–1975” (CUNY, P. Mainardi)

Scanlan Smith, Patricia, “‘God-Gifted Girls’: Women Illustrators, Gender, Class, and Commerce in American Visual Culture, 1885–1925” (Indiana, S. Burns)

Scott, Emily, “Wasteland: American Landscapes in/and 1960s Art” (UCLA, M. Kwon)

Stephens, Rachel E., “America’s Portraitist: Ralph E. W. Earl and the Imaging of the Jacksonian Era” (Iowa, J. Kinsey)

Stuart, Carolyn, “American Autoscapes: The View from the Road, 1920–1949” (UCLA, S. Nelson)

Tolini, Michelle, “Fashioning Early Cinema: Dress and Representation in American Film, 1900–1930” (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

Trent, Mary, “Enigmatic Bachelors: Masculinity, Girlhood, and Vision in the Art of Joseph Cornell and Henry Darger” (UC Irvine, C. Whiting)

Walz, Jonathan, “The New Face of Modernism: Anti-Mimetic Portraiture and the American Avant-Garde, 1912–1927” (Maryland, College Park, S. Promey)

Yamamori, Yumiko, “The A. A. Vantine and Company: Japanese Handcrafts for the American Consumer, 1895–1920” (Bard Graduate Center, K. Ames)