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African Art (sub-Saharan)
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2009

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Becker, Natasha, “Local vs. Global: The Johannesburg Bienniales and the Production of Contemporary Art in a Post-Apartheid South Africa” (SUNY Binghamton, A. D’Souza)

Collier, Delinda, “Art in a State of Emergency: Mobilizing the Chokwe Image in Angola, 1953–2007” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Davis, Paul, “A History of Painting in Bamako, Mali, 1950–1990” (Indiana, Bloomington, P. McNaughton)

Gagliardi, Susan Elizabeth, “Pushing Boundaries: Arts of Power Associations on the Senufo-Mande Cultural ‘Frontier’” (UCLA, S. Nelson, Z. S. Strother)

Gbadegesin, Olubukola, “Picturing the Modern Self: Politics, Identity, and Self-Fashioning in Lagos, 1861–1934” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Gerschultz, Jessica, “Weaving the National Identity: The Tapestries of Safia Farhat, 1967–1978” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Homann, Lisa Aries, “Loghe: A Modern Muslim Masquerade in Southwestern Burkina Faso?” (UCLA, S. Nelson, Z. S. Strother)

Howard, Brianne, “Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Three Collections of African Visual and Material Culture in Canada” (Queens, Kingston, L. Jessup)

Johnson, Kitty, “Aesthetics in Action: Matatu Art in Nairobi” (Indiana, Bloomington, P. McNaughton)

Kart, Susan, “Moustapha Dimé and the Strategy of Récupération in Postcolonial Senegalese Sculpture” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson, B. Lawal)

Majeed, Risham, “Romanesque and Republic: Ethnography and Empire; Exhibiting Medieval and African Art at the Trocadéro, 1878–1937” (Columbia, S. Murray, S. Vogel)

Richter, Petra, “Tu Tumbao–Iconography of the Rumba Complex: AfroCuban Expressive Culture and Embodied Philosophy” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Riep, David M. M., “House of the Crocodile: South Sotho Art and History” (Iowa, C. Roy)

Rogers, Amanda, “Blood, Skin, and the Sacred: Women's Henna Adornment and Moroccan Islam” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Ross, Emma, “Aesthetic Experience and Expression: Representation of Dan Women in the Côte d'Ivoire” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Scruggs, Dalila, “'The Love of Liberty Has Brought Us Here': The American Colonization Society and the Imaging of African-American Settlers in Liberia, West Africa” (Harvard, S. Blier)

Smalligan, Laura, “Cross River Creoles: Skin-Covered Art from the Era of the Slave Trade to the 21st Century” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Snoddy, Danielle M., “Charting the Emergence of Identity Narratives in Post-Apartheid South African Art: Protectionist Sensibilities, Internationalization, and the Johannesburg Biennales” (Iowa, C. Roy)

Walker, Harriet, “Transformations in West African Visual Culture through the Lens of Photography” (CUNY, G. Batchen)