Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2003

Show completed dissertations

Balthis, Andrea C., “Monumental Built Altars in East Greece and Western Anatolia in the Hellenistic Period” (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Benedict, Amy, “The Dedication of Jewelry in Early Iron Age Crete, ca. 1100–700 BC” (Missouri, S. Langdon)

Busby, Kimberly, “The Temple Terracottas of Etruscan Orvieto: The Power of Cult in Pre-Roman Italy” (UIUC, E. Hostetter)

Earle, Jason, “The Cycladic Islands in the Mycenaean Period” (IFA/NYU, G. Kopcke)

Fowlkes, Blair, “The Cults of Syrian-Phoenician Gods in the City of Rome: Archaeology, Topography, and Connections to the Roman East” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Goulet, Crispin, “A Study of Deity Assimilation in Sculptural Representations of Male Children from the Roman Imperial Era” (Brown, R. Winkes)

Karoglou, Kyriaki, “The Devout Image: A Study on the Iconography and Function of Attic Votive Plaques” (Princeton, W. Childs)

Kontes, Zoë, “Social Articulation in Italy and Greece in the Early Bronze Age” (Brown, R. Holloway)

Lang, Tricia, “Roman Glass from the 1980s Excavations at Corinth” (Missouri, K. W. Slane)

Leduc, Joseph, “Late-Roman Mosaics in Greece: Nature and Design in Pagan and Christian Art” (Brown, R. Winkes)

Longfellow, Brenda, “Patronage and Display of Roman Imperial Nymphaea” (Michigan, E. Gazda)

Molholt, Rebecca M., “On Stepping Stones: The Historical Experience of Roman Mosaics” (Columbia, R. Brilliant, N. Kampen)

Murock, Angela, “The Geometric Pottery of Central Italy” (Brown, R. Holloway)

Park, Gloria, “Foundation Rituals: Perceptions and Responses to Building in Greece” (UNC, D. Haggis)

Pope, Spencer, “The Fourth Century Settlement at Palike in Sicily” (Brown, R. Holloway)

Powers, Jessica, “RomanVisualities: Viewer and Image in the Domestic Sphere” (Michigan, E. Gazda)

Roland, Sarah, “Corinth and the Origins of Monumental Architecture in Mainland Greece” (Columbia, N. Kampen, C. Marconi)

Schertz, Peter, “Marsyas Contended: The Figure of Marsyas in Roman Art, Politics, and Religion” (USC, J. Pollini)

Segal, Phoebe, “Soaring Votives: Anathemata in Archaic and Classical Greek Sanctuaries” (Columbia, R. Brilliant, C. Marconi)

Smith, Christine A., “Controlling Miasma: The Evidence for Cult Practices of Greek Craftspeople from the Archaic to the Hellenistic Period” (Washington University, S. Rotroff)

Thompson, Joanne, “Images of Vesta and the Vestal Virgins in Roman State Religion and Imperial Policy of the First and Second Centuries AD” (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Udell, Jennifer, “Times of Day and Times of Year in Greek Vase Painting” (IFA/NYU, D. von Bothmer)

Walcek, Erin, “Terracotta Sculpture in Early Iron Age Greece” (Missouri, S. Langdon)

Walsh, Justin, “Trade, Demography, and Daily Life in Fifth-Century BCE Morgantina, Sicily” (Virginia, M. Bell)

Wardle, Marianne, “Naked and Unashamed: A Study of the Aphrodite Anadyomene in the Greco-Roman World” (Duke, S. Dillon)

Williams, Christopher, “The Material Culture of Roman Egypt” (Missouri, K. W. Slane)