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Eighteenth-Century Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2003

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Chen, Hui-Hung, “Missionaries and Images—Jesuit Visual Culture in Sixteenth-to Seventeenth-Century China” (Brown, J. Muller)

De la Rosa, Gabriella, “Picturing the Colonial Enlightenment: Race, Identity and Difference in French Visual Culture, 1682–1804” (Harvard, E. Lajer-Burcharth)

Deupi, Jill, “Cultural Identity in Bourbon Naples, 1734–99: Academies, Antiquities, and Rivalries with Rome” (Virginia, C. Johns)

Dudley, Dennine, “Henrietta Louisa Jeffreys, Oxford University, and the Pomfret Benefaction of 1755: Vertu Made Visible” (Victoria, C. Gibson-Wood)

Jones, Jennifer, “A Discourse on Drawings: Salon Culture and the Graphic Arts in Eighteenth-Century Paris” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Leca, Benedict, “Constructions of Patrimony: The Interpretive Prints after Claude-Joseph Vernet’s Ports of France” (Brown, K. D. Kriz)

Loughrey, Stacey, “Design, Empire, and Aesthetics in Britain, 1745–1851” (USC, K. Lang)

Martin, Meredith, “Marie Antoinette’s Hameau and Female Subjectivity in Eighteenth-Century Pleasure Diaries” (Harvard, E. Lajer-Burcharth)

Mitchell, Elizabeth, “Mechanical Reproduction: Pregnancy and the Idea of Creativity in William Hogarth’s Printmaking” (UC Santa Barbara, A. Bermingham)

Roman, Monica, “Eighteenth-Century French Genre Painting in the Public Sphere” (Victoria, C. Gibson-Wood)

Saska, Hope, “Theatricality and the Popular Print in Eighteenth-Century England” (Brown, K. D. Kriz)

Smentek, Kristel, “Collecting in the Age of Enlightenment: Pierre-Jean Mariette and the Universal History of Art” (Delaware, N. Kallmyer)

White, Ryan, “The Evolution of the Petit Subject in the Ancien Régime, 1721–1789” (Toronto, W. McAllister Johnson)