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Early Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2008

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Dimitrova, Kate, “Unraveling Christ’s Passion: Archbishop Dalmau de Mur, Patron and Collector, and Franco-Flemish Tapestries in Fifteenth-Century Spain” (Pittsburgh, A. Stones)

Gerry, Kathryn, "The Alexis Quire in the St. Albans Psalter and the Monastic Community of St. Albans" (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Killian, Kyle, "The Landscapes of Saint-Pierre d'Orbais: An Anthropology of Monastic Architecture" (Columbia, S. Murray)

Nogueira, Alison Manges, “Portraits of the Visconti and the Sforza Image and Propaganda in Milan, ca. 1300–1500” (IFA/NYU, J. Alexander)

Ramirez-Weaver, Eric, “Carolingian Innovation and Observation in the Paintings and Star Catalogs of Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS 3307” (IFA/NYU, J. Alexander)

Sciacca, Christine, “The Gradual and Sacramentary of Hainricus Sacrista (Pierpont Morgan Library, MS 711): Liturgy, Devotion, and Patronage at Weingarten Abbey” (Columbia, S. Murray)