Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Art of the United States
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2008

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Abbott, Janet, “The Barnett Aden Gallery: A Home for Diversity in a Segregated City” (Penn State, J. Robinson)

Anderson, Kristin, “The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota” (Minnesota, K. A. Marling)

Anderson, Marvin, "The Society of Beaux-Arts Architects and Academic Ideals in Early Twentieth-Century American Architecture (1894–1941)" (University of Washington, M. Clausen)

Anderson, Sherman Reed, “James Ormsbee Chapin and the Marvin Paintings: An Epic of the American Farm” (Kansas, C. Eldredge)

Burgess, Rebekah, "Collecting Agency: Reversing the Camera's Gaze in Early Twentieth-Century Lowell, Massachusetts" (Boston, K. Sichel)

Caffey, Stephen Mark, “An Heroics of Empire: Benjamin West and Anglophone History Painting, 1764–1774” (UT Austin, S. Rather)

Caro, Julie Levin, “The Early Career of Allan Rohan Crite (1930–1950)” (UT Austin, L. Henderson, C. Smith)

Chung, Nogin, “Picturing American Women: Popular Culture Images of Postwar Womanhood in the United States” (Minnesota, K. A. Marling)

Clancy, Jonathan, “Transcendentalism and the Crisis of Self in American Art and Culture, 1830–1930” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Dolan, Julia, "'I Will Take You into the Heart of Modern Industry': Lewis Hine's Photographic Interpretation of the Machine Age” (Boston, K. Sichel)

Dossin, Catherine Julie Marie, “‘I Like America & America Likes Me’: Artistic Exchanges between France, Germany, and the United States, 1945–1989” (UT Austin, R. Shiff, K. Arens)

Enderle, Melanie, "The Canvas as Stage: The Spectacle of New York City Popular Entertainment, ca. 1895–ca. 1940" (University of Washington, S. Casteras)

Guglielmo, Antoniette, "Workbench of American Taste: Richard F. Bach, Industrial Art, and Consumerism at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917–1940" (UC Santa Barbara, E. B. Robertson)

Hereford, Kimberly, "The Fashionable Disease: Illness, Spiritualism, and Victorian Femininity in British and American Art" (University of Washington, S. Casteras)

Heyrman, Joy Peterson, "'Signature Drawings': Social Networks and Collecting Practices in Antebellum Albums" (Maryland, College Park, S. Promey)

Johnson Bidler, Tiffany, “Delineations: American Art History and the Discourse of Inheritance” (Minnesota, J. Blocker)

Kroiz, Lauren, "New Races, New Media: The Struggle for a Modern American Art, 1890–1925" (MIT, C. Jones)

Murphy, Joni, “Beyond Sweetgrass: The Life and Art of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith” (Kansas, S. Goddard)

Napolitano, Laura Groves, "Nurturing Change: Lilly Martin Spencer's Images of Children" (Maryland, College Park, S. Promey)

Osman, Michael, "Regulation in the Architecture of American Modernism, 1890–1920" (MIT, M. Jarzombek)

Reynolds, Rebecca, “Sculpture Parks, Sculpture Gardens, and Site Specific Practices in the U.S., 1965–1991” (Chicago, M. Ward)

Senf, Rebecca, "Ansel Adams's 'Practical Modernism': The Development of a Commercial Photographer, 1916–1936" (Boston, K. Sichel)

Smith, Laura, "Obscuring the Distinctions, Revealing the Divergent Visions: Modernity and Indians in the Early Works of Kiowa Photographer Horace Poolaw, 1925–1945" (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Williams, Thomas, “Object Pornography, Objective Expressionism: Claes Oldenburg, Eros, and the 1960s” (SUNY Stony Brook, J. Katz, J. Rubin)

Zalman, Sandra, “A Vernacular Vanguard: Surrealism and the Making of American Art History, 1936–1986” (USC, N. Troy)