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Art of the Middle East/North Africa
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2008

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Abbaspour, Mitra, “Defining the Present, Archiving the Past: Three Histories of Middle Eastern Photography” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Adamjee, Qamar, “The Sultanate Chandayana: An Exemplar of Cultural and Artistic Interaction in 14th–16th Century India” (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)

Al-Saleh, Yasmine, "Licit Magic: The Touch and Sight of Mamluk and Ottoman Talismanic Material; Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Century" (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Arcak, Sinem, “Gifts in Motion: Ottoman-Safavid Cultural Exchange, 1500–1612” (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Craig, Michelle Huntingford, “[In]Secure Space: The Mellah of Fez, Morocco, 1834–1956” (UCLA, S. Nelson)

Dadlani, Chanchal, "'Twilight' in Delhi? Architecture and Aesthetics in the Late Mughal Empire" (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Dalal, Radha, “The Orient Express: Visual Culture, European Imperialism, and the Ottoman Empire” (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Elias, Chad, "Surviving Images: The Visual Culture of the Lebanese Wars" (Northwestern, H. Feldman)

Holmes, Denwood, “The Walls of the Well-Protected Domains: The Development of Ottoman Fortification, 1400–1600” (Princeton, T. Leisten)

Jwejati, Rafah, “Sur le chemin de Jérusalem: étude archéologique et iconographique de mosaïques paléochretiennes de la Syrie du Nord” (McGill, J. M. Fossey, C. M. Hardy)

Kamada, Yumiko, “Flowers on Floats: The Production, Circulation, and Reception of Early Modern Indian Carpets” (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)

Karimi, Z. Pamela, "Aesthetics and Ethics of the Iranian Home in the Age of Globalism" (MIT, N. Rabbat)

Latif, Riyaz, "Ornate Visions of Knowledge and Power: The Marinid Madrasas of Fez" (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Le Gall, Shalini, "Evangelical Imperialism: Holman Hunt and Religious Painting in the Middle East" (Northwestern, S. Eisenman)

Pruitt, Jennifer, "A Tale of Two Cities: Locating the Courtly and the Urban in Classical Fatimid Visual Culture (975–1036)" (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Rice, Yael, “Between the Brush and the Pen: Describing and Inscribing Paintings at the Mughal Court, ca. 1555–1625” (Pennsylvania, R. Holod)

Scheiwiller, Staci, "Mirrors of Memory: Nineteenth-Century Imagery in Contemporary Iranian Photography" (UC Santa Barbara, R. Williams)

smith, sharon c., “Planned Grandeur: A Comparative Study of Urban Expansion in Early Modern Italy and Mamluk Egypt” (SUNY Binghamton, B. Abou-El-Haj)

Sornin, Alexis, “Architectural Culture in Early Modern India: Jaipur and the Mughal Building Workshops” (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Teece, Denise, “Vessels of Verse, Ships of Song: Persian ‘Safina’ Manuscripts and Their Significance” (IFA/NYU, P. Soucek)

Yalman, Suzan, "A Period of ‘Transformation’: Religion, Urbanism, and Identity in the Architectural Patronage of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad (r. 1220–37)" (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Zarur, Kathy, “Configuring 'Arab' and 'African' Representations of Gender and Nation in the Work of Tarek Al Ghoussein, Hassan Musa, and Walid Raad” (Michigan, M. Biro, N. Naber)