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Chinese Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2003

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Cheng, Bonnie, “Fabricating Life Out of Death: Sixth-Century Funerary Monuments and the Negotiation of Cultural Traditions” (Chicago, H. Wu)

Cheng, Wen-Chien, “Images of Happy Farmers in Song China (960–1279): Drunks, Politics, and Social Identity” (Michigan, M. Powers)

Lin, Su-Hsing, “Feng Zikai’s Art and the Kaiming Book Company: Art for the People in Early Twentieth-Century China” (Ohio State, J. Andrews)

Liu, Shi-Yee, “An Actor in Real Life: Chen Hongshou’s Scenes from the Life of Tao Yuanming” (Yale, R. Barnhart)

Lu, Hui-Wen, “A New Imperial Style of Calligraphy: Stone Engravings in Northern Wei Luoyang, 494–534” (Princeton, W. Fong)

Murai, Noriko, “Authoring the East: Okakura Kakuzo and the Representations of East Asian Art in the Early Twentieth Century” (Harvard, H. Zerner)

Odell, Dawn, “The Soul of Transactions: Illustrated Travels and Representations of China in the Seventeenth Century” (Chicago, L. Seidel, H. Wu)